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The fall protection plug, a strong permanent secondary barrier for light fixtures.

  • Efficient and safe fall protection of lighting fixtures and floodlights.
  • Easily installed in the light fixture’s strongest point in minutes.
  • Maintenance work does not affect the fall protection, it remains intact.
  • It could not be done any simpler or safer.

The fall protection safety plug is made of brass and are available in the following editions: -40°C to + 135°C. It comes in size M25 x 1.5 with 12mm or 17mm long threaded portion.

Technical specification

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Fall protection for electrical equipment has never been easier

The principle and simplicity of the fall protection safety plug is that it can be retrofitted in light fixtures and floodlights. Remove an existing blanking plug and replace it with the safety plug. This provides easy securing of equipment without any welding, drilling or extra components to create the appropriate attachment point.


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